Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


For Aftermarket orders, payment will only be accepted through PayPal. Customers DO NOT need a PayPal account to make payment and can use a credit card (through the PayPal website) to make payment.

For OE or Dealer orders, payment can be made through PayPal or, if the amount exceeds $1200.00USD, through Bank Transfer. For OE or Dealer orders, PayPal or bank fees may apply.


For small parts, shipping is done via DHL. Tracking info will be sent from BDop Cycling once the shipment is made. Tracking should be done through the DHL email that is sent (with tracking) to the customer. Typical delivery time is 3~5 business days to most places. 
Larger orders, like DIY kits, are sent via EMS. Tracking is provided by email from BDop Cycling. Delivey times are typically 5~10 business days to most places.
NOTE: Delivery times may be a few days longer during any unforeseen events like a global pandemic.


BDop Cycling Company, Ltd. will NOT accept the return of used goods. Once the part has been attached to a bicycle, it is considered used and can no longer be returned.

There are 2 (two) possible acceptions:
1. There is a warranty issue, or
2. There is a compatibility issue between the product purchased and the customer’s existing parts for which the purchase was made. 

These claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


BDop Cycling Company reserves the right to determine ALL warranties, without exception.

Manufacturring warranties are covered by the factory and are 1 year unless otherwise explicitly stated on the BDop Cycling Website.

For warranty replacements, all costs, including shipping, will be covered by BDop Cycling unless circumstances dictate otherwise. If so, the customer will be informed of the decision before any costs are incurred. This DOES NOT include return shipping charges.

1. The item is returned to BDop Cycling at the customer’s expense.
2. The item is inspected and/or tested by BDop Cycling and a determination regarding warranty is made.
3. The item is either:
    i. replaced, with return shipping covered by BDop Cycling, or
   ii. a refund is given which covers the original purchase price, plus original shipping. 
Return shipping is NOT covered under this warranty procedure.

Incorrect Order/Shipment

If an item is received, by the customer, and it is NOT the correct item, one of two policies will apply:

1. If the error was made by BDop Cycling, the correct part will be sent immediately with shipping covered by BDop Cycling. BDop Cycling may ask that the original part be returned. If so, shipping will be covered by BDop Cycling.
If BDop Cycling DOES NOT ask for the part to be returned, we ask that it be donated to a local youth team or, if one exists, any community group that refurbishes bikes for those in need. 

2. If the error was an incorrect order, made by the customer, the following procedure applies:
i. The incorrect part(s) is returned to BDop Cycling at the customer’s expense,
ii. Once received, inspected and restocked (and any pricing adjusts are made in the way of additional costs or refunds) the correct part(s) will be shipped to the customer. Shipping will be covered by BDop Cycling unless expressly stated otherwise.


Any data collected, by BDop Cycling, will be used SOLELY by BDop Cycling, to process orders, for shipping or to process warranty claims. Subscriber information will be retained ONLY to allow occasional promotional emails to be sent and will be used for NO OTHER PURPOSE. EVER.

BDop Cycling considers your information to be COMPLETELY PRIVATE and does not, will not and will NEVER SHARE or SELL ANY information with any other group, organization, government body, spammers or anyone else who should just mind their own business.