Novatec XD642SB-B12


The XD642SB-B12 is a boost spec hub with a 12mm*148mm axle.

Weight: 337g


This hub uses the X4 freehub which has 6 asymmetric pawls which gives a 3 degree Angle of Engagement and 120 Points of Engagement. This gives you fast and secure engagement under any conditions.

Hub Material: AL7075 Alloy
Axle Material: AL7075 Alloy
Weight: 337g
Freehubs: Shimano 10/11 with ABG, Sram XD, Shimano Micro-Spline
Spoke Holes: 32 Hole Only
Spoke Hole Dia: 2.3mm
O.L.D.: 148mm
Thru Axles: 12mm*148mm
Spoke Circle Dia: 62mm
F.T.F: 6.1mm
L.C.F.: Shimano: 38.95mm
R.C.F.: Shimano: 25.15mm
Sealed Bearings: Hub Shell: 2 Japanese EZO | Freehub: 2 Japanese EZO

There are Ceramic Bearings available for this hub.


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Shimano 10/11 with ABG, Sram XD, Micro-Spline


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