Pillar Spokes: Wing21 Bladed Spokes


Pillar PSR Wing 21 Bladed Spokes are made from Fagersta T302+. Their unique shape outperforms all other aero spokes for aerodynamics and wheel stiffness.

We currently offer limited sizes: 260mm-288mm.



Pillar PSR Wing 21  Aero spokes: 2.2mm|1.3mm*2.1mm|2.0mm.

They are thickest at the elbow (2.2mm) and at the threaded section (2.0mm) – where failures often occur.
The bladed section is 1.3mm thick (at the thickest point) and 2.1mm wide.  They will fit any standard, round 14G spoke hole and don’t need special slotted hubs.
Breaking Strength: 280 kgf
Max Spoke Tension: 220kgf

Their unique shape is based on airfoil technology which reduces drag and makes for faster wheels. Other bladed spokes start off as round spokes and are rolled flat. This leaves sharp edges that create drag.

Cross section of Pillar Wing21 Areo bladed spokes
In recent, independent tests run by GRS Service & Engineering in the Netherlands, wheels built with Pillar Wing Spokes were roughly 13% stiffer and, at yaw angles between 10-20 degrees, produced roughly 9% less drag.

You can download the test data here.

These spokes can be used with Alloy or Brass external nipples, or with internal alloy nipples or even special locking internal alloy nipples.
Upgrade your external nipples with Taper Grip (Alloy or Brass nipples), for added security.
For added strength, consider M-Power …or go all in and add BOTH!
You can choose to add a little security by adding washers: internal nipples on alloy rims,  for internal nipples on carbon rims, or for external nipples on alloy or carbon rims.
Just add 1mm to your calculated spokes lengths.

We offer a spoke wrench for external nipples or spoke tools for internal nipples in various sizes.

Additional information

Spoke Length

260mm, 262mm, 264mm, 266mm, 268mm, 270mm, 272mm, 274mm, 275mm, 276mm, 277mm, 278mm, 279mm, 280mm, 282mm, 284mm, 285mm, 286mm, 288mm


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