Pillar Nipples: Internal Brass


Pillar Internal Brass Nipples have a convex head. This results in the best possible spoke line which prolongs the life of the spoke especially on today’s high tension, low spoke count wheels.

The convex head also prevents the nipple from gouging the carbon rim around the spoke hole during the build or during service.



NOTE: Sold in quantities of: 8pc, 16pc, 24pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc or 100pc.

For increased durability, we suggest using these nipples washers. for alloy rims or these nipple washers for carbon rims. They can help spread the load and can prevent the nipple head from damaging the rim, over time. Remember to add 1mm to all your spoke lengths.

These nipples require a 3.2mm internal tool.

Pillar Internal Spoke Tools from BDop Cycling

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8pc, 16pc, 24pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc, 100pc


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