Pillar Nipples: External – Brass 14mm


Pillar External Brass Nipples are 14mm long. They have a hexagonal head to make it easier to tension them through the spoke hole. This prevents marring.

The head of the nipple is curved to give better seating and perfect spoke line It also prevents gouging on carbon rims during the build or service.

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NOTE: Sold in quantities of: 8pc, 16pc, 14pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc or 100pc.

With these nipples, you can use a regular external spoke wrench or a 5.5mm internal spoke tool.

External Spoke Tool
Internal Spoke Tool 5.5mm Use an External Spoke Key OR an Internal Spoke Tool – 5.5mm

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Black, Red, Silver


8pc, 16pc, 24pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc, 100pc


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