Pillar Nipples: DNS-Alloy


Pillar DNS Alloy Nipples are 14G and 16mm long. You can use a normal spoke wrench, or, they have a square internal head to make it easier to tension them through the spoke hole. This prevents marring.

The head of the nipple is curved to give better seating and an improved spoke-line.

They are compatible with all major spoke brands including Pillar, Sapim, and Swiss DT.


Sold in quantities of: 8pc, 16pc, 14pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc or 100pc.

You can use a regular external spoke wrench or a 3.2mm Internal Spoke Tool with these nipples.

Pillar Internal Spoke Tools from BDop Cycling

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8pc, 16pc, 24pc, 32pc, 44pc, 56pc, 64pc, 72pc, 100pc


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