Novatec 12spd Shimano Micro Spline Freehub: X4-Type


Shimano 12spd Micro Spline Freehub for Novatec XD642SB-B12 and XD642SB-B12 6-Bolt Hubs.


It features a 6-Pawl freehub ensuring fast and secure engagement, every time. Each Pawl has 2 points of engagement. The ratchet ring has 42 teeth. This gives these hubs a 3-degree angle of engagement (AOE) and 120 points of engagement (POE).

The X4-TYPE freehub is available for
1. Shimano 10/11spd
2. SRAM XD 11/12 spd
3. Shimano Micro Spline 12spd



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