Novatec 11/12spd Freehub: F-Type Sram XD (5 Pawls)


The F-Type, Shimano 10/11spd Freehub is for all Novatec D162SB-SL and XD462SB-SL platform hubs. This included Center Lock and Boost versions of the hub.

It is compatible with hubs that currently have the 3-Pawl freehub. The 3-pawl and 5-pawl freehubs are completely interchangeable. No adjustments to the hub are necessary.

It is steel and has 5-pawls. It comes with an axle washer, inner sleeve, spacer, and all water seals.


This F-TYPE freehub for SRAM XD 11/12spd is also available in a STEEL 3-PAWL version. It is completely cross-compatible with the original Novatec hubs.

The F-TYPE freehub is available for SHIMANO/SRAM 10/11spd. In the aftermarket, Novatec is only offering this steel, 3-pawl version. It is completely cross-compatible with the original hubs.

Not sure which freehub you need? See our TECHNICAL PAGE for a partial list. Or CONTACT US and we will be happy to help.


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