Enduro Bearings for Gousseau RD-CL Road Disc Hubs


Hi-Chromium Enduro Sealed bearings for Gousseau RD-CL Road Disc Hubs.

The Outboard bearings are Angular Contact for lower drag and increased durability.

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You can order bearings in PAIRS:
1. Gousseau FRD-CL Front Road Disc Hub
2. Gousseau RRD-CL Rear Road Disc Hub (HUB SHELL ONLY)
3. Gousseau Shimano 10/11 freehub
4. Gousseau XD-R Freehub
5. Gousseau MicroSpline Freehub

We believe it is important to stock all the parts needed to service or repair the products we sell.
Other spare parts available for these hubs include:
1. Endcaps
2. Thru-Axles
3. Freehubs: Shimano 10/11, Sram XD-R, and Shimano MicroSpline
4. Star-Ratchets and Springs



Additional information

Bearings for:

FRD-CL Front Hub, RRD-CL Rear Hub Shell, Shimano Freehub, Sram XD-R Driver, Shimano MicroSpline Freehub


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