BDop HV Tubeless Tire Kits: Road


The BDop HV-Tubeless Conversion Kits give maximum airflow for easier tire seating and for installing or removing your sealant of choice.

Our HV-Valves deliver 300% more volume with each pump. This is critical to getting your tire to seat quickly, and easily. They work with all Presta lock-pumps.

Sealants can be added or removed directly through the valve. There is no need to remove the valve core. Less hassle. Less mess.

The HV-Valves fit alloy or carbon rims that have a rim depth (rim height) between 21mm to 40mm.

Our Tubeless tape is strong and durable. It is 22mm wide which is ideal for rims with tire beds between 18mm to 20mm wide.

Our 60cc syringe forms a tight seal with the HV-Valves and makes installing your sealant of choice quick and clean. If you clean them after use, they can be used multiple times.

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This kit includes:
1. 2 BDop HV-Valves
2. 1 Roll of Tubeless tape (enough for 2 rims)
3. 60cc Syringe with a tube to inject your sealant of choice.


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