BDop Garmin/GoPro Genie


The BDop Garmin/GoPro GENIE is CnC’d from 6061 alloy instead of flimsy plastics. It allows for 11mm of adjustability.

It will hold, 300, 500800 and 1000 series Garmin computers as well as your GoPro firmly. No vibration ejection in the rough stuff.


The interface between the GENIE and your computer isn’t bare alloy, so it won’t wear out the mount on your GARMIN. Instead, we use a nylon-reinforced plastic insert, which sits inside the alloy framework, so it won’t scar your computer.

The GoPro mount is on the underside of the Genie. That places it directly in front of your stem.  It is out of the way and, more importantly, provides an excellent vantage point for your videos without placing your GoPro in harm’s way. The mount is also strong and stable enough to survive Belgian cobbles!

It will fit on any 31.8 handlebars and comes with shims for 28.6 bars as well.

Weight: 72g


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