BDop DIY Wheel Kit: Alloy Road Disc XII+


This kit features the new Gousseau RDOC Offset rims for the front and rear wheels. The 3.5mm offset helps balance spoke tension on both sides of the wheels. This gives you a stiffer and more durable set of wheels. These rims have a 19.5mm internal width, and weigh just 450g!

Order the Thru-Axle options you need now.  We stock the axles and end-caps you need if you want to change the axle spec, in the future.  No other wheel adjustments are needed.

Build with Pillar Wing 21 Spokes and Pillar Brass TaperGrip nipples.

Choose a BDop 11 speed cassette: 11-28T Steel, 11-30T Alloy, or 11-32T Alloy


This DIY Kit includes:
Front Hub: Novatec D771SB
Choose: Q/R or 12mm Thru
Rear Hub: BDop R142-11/12
Choose: Q/R, 10mm*135mm, 12mm*142mm
Front Rim: Gousseau RDOC
Rear Rim: Gousseau RDOC
Spokes: Pillar Wing 21
Nipples: Pillar 14mm Brass with TaperGrip
Rim Strip: BDop High-Pressure Rim Strip
Tools: Internal Spoke Key and Aero Spoke Holder
Choose BDop 11speed Cassette:  11~28T Steel 11~30T Alloy 11~32T Alloy

Weight (without Cassette):
24/24H: 1620g
24/28H: 1640g
28/28H: 1660g
28/32H: 1700g

Lacing as follows:
24/24H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
24/28H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
28/28H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
28/32H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 3x3x

Bicycle wheel and wheel building resources:
1. Jobst Brandt: The Bicycle Wheel
2. OZ Cycles: How to Lace a Bicycle Wheel
3. Velotique: How to True a Wheel

Additional information

Spoke Holes

24H/24H, 24H/28H, 28H/28H, 28H/32H

Thru Axles

Quick-Release, 12mm Front / 10mm*135mm Rear, 12mm Front / 12mm*142mm Rear

BDop 11spd Cassette

11-28T Steel, 11-30T Alloy, 11-32T Alloy


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