BDop DIY Wheel Kit: Alloy Road Disc X+


This Kit features the new Gousseau RDOC Offset rims for the front and rear wheels. The offset helps balance spoke tension on both sides of the wheels. This gives you a stiffer and more durable set of wheels. These rims have a 19.5mm internal width, and weigh just 450g!

Order the Thru-Axle options you need now.  We stock the axles and end-caps you need if you want to change the axle spec, in the future.  No other wheel adjustments are needed.

Choose from  11~28T 11spd Steel11~30T 11spd Alloy,  11~32T 11spd Alloy BDop Cassettes.

Build with Pillar Wing 21 Spokes and Pillar Brass TaperGrip nipples.


This DIY Kit includes:
Front Hub: Novatec D771SB
Choose: Quick-Release or 12mm Thru
Rear Hub: Novatec D772SB-11
Choose: Quick-Release, 10mm*135mm, 12mm*142mm
Front Rim: Gousseau RDOC (3.5mm offset)
Rear Rim: Gousseau RDOC (3.5mm offset)
Spokes: Pillar Wing 21
Nipples: Pillar 14mm Brass with TaperGrip
Rim Strip: BDop High-Pressure Rim Strip
Tools: Internal Spoke Key and Aero Spoke Holder
Choose BDop 11speed Cassette:  11~28T Steel 11~30T Alloy 11~32T Alloy

Weight (without Cassette):
24/24H: 1630g
24/28H: 1650g
28/28H: 1670g
28/32H: 1690g

Lacing as follows:
24/24H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
24/28H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
28/28H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 2x2x
28/32H: Front: 2x2x   Rear: 3x3x

Bicycle wheel and wheel building resources:
1. Jobst Brandt: The Bicycle Wheel
2. OZ Cycles: How to Lace a Bicycle Wheel
3. Velotique: How to True a Wheel

Additional information

Spoke Holes

24H/24H, 24H/28H, 28H/28H, 28H/32H

Thru Axles

Quick- Release, 12mm Front / 10mm*135mm Rear, 12mm Front / 12mm*142mm Rear

BDop 11spd Cassette

11-28T Steel, 11-30T Alloy, 11-32T Alloy


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