BDop Cable/Housing Kits: Gear – Elite


Whether it’s the weight savings, the reduced friction or the increased durability the BDop Cable and Housing kits are a well thought out solution to an increasingly important performance issue.

35% lighter than Shimano kits!
Pre Stretched
Deep Penetrating Plasma Mist Electroplating greatly reduces friction
Extremely hard-wearing
No fraying on cut cable ends
No flaking or peeling with use.

Gear housings: 35% lighter
brake housings 50% lighter!
A combination of alloy and stainless steel:  saves weight adds needed stiffness
High strength fiber casing prevents “bursting” under load.

Crush ribs ensure a perfect fit
Watertight seal
Brass inserts inside the ferrule protect from damage over time.



All BDop inner wires are constructed using 19 strands of Stainless Steel wire. With the ELITE wire, we add a few special features.
First, the individual strands are specially coated before being wound into cables, unlike most inner wires which are coated after being wound so that only the outer surface is coated. With our process, all 19 strands are coated which greatly reduces corrosion.
We use a fine Plasma Mist Electroplating Process to ensure uniform thickness of the friction-reducing material with excellent adhesion and, once the strands are wound together to form the final inner wire, the coatings lightly bond to each other which means the inner wire won’t fray when cut.
The gear cable housings are made from 19 strands of wire while the Brake housing uses 17 strands.
These wires are a combination of alloy and stainless steel. The alloy saves weight while the stainless steel strands add needed stiffness and protection.
The wires are then encased by a high strength fiber to prevent “bursting” under load.

The crush ribs on the outside guarantee a perfect fit in all cable stops and barrel adjusters.
The watertight seal around the housing is created by two protrusions on the inside of the ferrule. The watertight seal around the inner wire is created by a rubber grommet.
There is a brass insert where the housing seats inside the ferrule to protect the end of the ferrule from being damaged by the housing over time.
The removable nose section increases the effectiveness of the watertight seal, further reduces friction and can be angled to fit in any frame stops



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