BDop Cables and Housing Kit: Gear


BDop Cable and Housing kits offer weight savings, reduced friction, and increased durability.

PTFE coated
Pre Stretched
Extremely hard-wearing
Reduced fraying
Reduced flaking or peeling

Gear housings: 35% lighter than Shimano
Alloy and stainless steel:  Saves weight. Adds stiffness
High-Strength Fiber Casing: Crisp shifting.

Crush ribs ensure a perfect fit
Watertight seal
Brass inserts protect from damage, over time.

1. Inner wires: 2200mm each wire
2. Teflon Liner: 2200mm total
3. 4mm Gear Housing: 2500mm total



All BDop inner cables use 19 strands of Stainless Steel wire. They are PTFE coated. Prior to the coating process, each strand is chemically modified to improve the bond strength of the PTFE to the stainless steel surface. Unlike other cables, our coating doesn’t peel off and clog the housing. Our inner wires have excellent ultra-low friction characteristics and reduced corrosion. They are efficient and durable.

BDop 19 Strand, coated inner wiresGEAR HOUSINGS:
Gear cable housings have 19 strands of wire. They are a combination of alloy and stainless steel. The alloy saves weight while the stainless steel strands add stiffness and protection.
A High-Strength Fiber encases the wires to keep things tight so nothing is lost between the shifter and the derailleur.
BDop cable housing with Kevlar burst sheath

The crush ribs on the outside guarantee a snug fit in all cable stops and barrel adjusters. Two ribs, on the inside of the ferrule, and a rubber grommet, create a watertight seal.
The ferrules have brass inserts. This protects them from damage, or from splitting, over time.  The floating nose section increases the effectiveness of the seal. It can angle into any frame stop.
BDop Cycling Cable and Housing Kits - Alloy ferrules with brass inserts

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