BDop Air-Brake Holders and Pads – Pair

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The BDop AIR-BRAKE HOLDERS are extremely lightweight at 18g for a pair (1 wheel, no pads).

They can be ordered with Shimano or Campagnolo mounting hardware.

A pair is for 1 wheel.


BDop AIR-BRAKES offer vastly increased airflow which helps remove heat from rim brake pads. This reduces brake fade in alloy rims and delamination in carbon rims. They will accept all Shimano and Shimano-compatible brake pads.

Available in Black or White.

They will work with Campagnolo brake Calipers but will NOT accept Campagnolo brake pads.

Our patented design creates increased airflow that comes in direct contact with the brake pads pulling away excess heat.

BDop Air-Brake Cooling Graphic

Additional information


White, Black


Shimano, Campagnolo

Rim Material

Alloy, Carbon


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