Alloy Thru-Axle for XD612SB / D772SB / D792SB: 10mm*135mm


Alloy Thru-Axle for Novatec XD612SB, D772SB, and D792SB hubs: 10mm*135mm

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Use two 17mm wrenches to quickly change axles. You don’t need to adjust the wheel in any way.

Converted quickly and easily between:

  1. Quick Release Alloy
  2. 10mm*135mm Alloy or 10mm*135mm Steel axles.
  3. 12mm*135mm Alloy or 12mm*135mm Steel axles.
  4. 12mm*142mm Alloy orĀ  12mm*142mm Steel axles.

All Thru Axles come with the sidecap. This is everything you need to make the conversion.


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