Novatec 10/11spd Freehub: B2-Type Shimano with ABG

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This Shimano 10/11spd ABG Freehub – B2-Type – is for Novatec hubs with 15mm axles designed for Shimano or Sram 10/11spd cassettes. This includes Novatec Thru-axle hubs.

It features ABG which greatly reduces damage to an alloy freehub body caused by the cassette.

It comes with Japanese EZO bearings, an inner sleeve, and water seals.

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Have you ever had to pry off your cassette because it had dug into your alloy freehub? You’re not alone.

NOVATEC has solved this problem by inserting a small steel spline onto their freehubs. They call it Anti-Bite Guard. The ABG steel spline stops the cassette from seriously damaging your alloy freehub body.

If your hub didn’t come with an ABG freehub, don’t worry, Novatec hubs are backward compatible and they will fit on your existing hub. Learn more about Novatec ABG

Not sure which freehub you need? See our TECHNICAL PAGE for a partial list. Or CONTACT US and we will be happy to help.

2 reviews for Novatec 10/11spd Freehub: B2-Type Shimano with ABG

  1. James McGregor (verified owner)

    Great product and superb service and delivery time! Very happy customer.

  2. David C Flynn (verified owner)

    The customer service here is exceptional. I’ve dealt with a lot of cycling companies. I’m a former national champion and Triathlon and if bought parts from all over the country in Europe. This company in Taiwan emailed me back immediately and continued emailed me back until I got the exact right part. The novatech hub that we received was better than the part that came out of the bike when it was new. It had four paws instead of three and sealed bearings, which the original off-brand novatech copy did not. The knockoff novatec Hub that came with the oval wheel was good but not as good as what we have now. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

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