Bicycle Tools



12 Tools in just 70g!


3 Carbon-Friendly Levers


2 Compartments


2 Compartments
Kit Includes:
1.  Mini-tool
2. 3 Tire Levers


For Spokes with Blade thickness of:
                 0.9mm Thick
                 1.1mm Thick
                 1.3mm Thick
                 1.5mm Thick


For External Nipples


For Int or Ext Nipples
Sizes: 3.2mm


For Int or Ext Nipples
Sizes: 5.5mm Internal
           13G External
           14G External
           15G External


A must for the shop


Novatec 27T Threaded


10/11/12 speed chains

SALE: $12.99US

Easy Removal of PF30

SALE: $99.99US

Any BB30, PF86/92 or Campagnolo OS


Most popular sizes


Works with all Sealed Bearing hubs.


Remove Novatec 27T, 33T, and 42T Press-Fit Ratchet Rings.