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Just what are BDop AIR-BRAKES and why are they so darned awesome you ask?
First, BDop AIR-BRAKES are a patented design that channel the natural flow of air over the brake pads and holders created while riding to reduce heat build up between the pad and rim.
Heat build up is of particular concern to riders using carbon clincher rims but it affects alloy rims as well.
Heat build up can cause delamination on carbon rims (and rim failure) or brake fade on alloy rims (and possible brake failure).
But that's not all!
BDop AIR-BRAKES feature pads that are molded over a plastic skeleton. This allows the air to flow inside a cavity created in the pad itself.
The plastic skeleton also creates a much stiffer pad and a better interface between the pad and the holder which allows pads to fit better and makes changing or replacing them much easier.
This ultra stiff, co-molded pad reduces the compression of the braking compound and gives better and more responsive braking performance.
The BDop AIR-BRAKE pads have the same amount of material as standard pads so brake pad life remains unchanged.
Air flows cools the brake pad and rim.
BDop AIR-BRAKE Co-Molded Pads
1. Inceased air flow to reduce heat build up,
2. More responsive braking,
3. Easy to swap out.
BDOP AIR-BRAKES are compatible with ANY Shimano holder - You DO NOT need to use the BDop Brake pads.
BDop AIR-BRAKES are designed to be superior in every way. They use airflow to remove heat from the braking surface of your rim.
This is extremely important when using carbon rims but it also matters with alloy rims.
The co-molded pads yield very responsive braking and make them easy to replace.
BDop AIR-BRAKES work with ANY Shimano or Shimano compatible road calipers but we can also includes hardware that makes them compatible with Campagnolo as well.
BDOP AIR-BRAKES are compatible with ANY Shimano Compatible pad - You DO NOT need to use the BDop AIR-BRAKE pads.
BDop AIR-BRAKES are available in WHITE or BLACK and with pads for either alloy or carbon brake tracks.
Weight per pair (with pads): 26g
$24.99 SET
NOTE: 1 set = 4 HOLDERS (enought for 2 wheels)
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